Team Sync

The term Team is synonymously used for a Slack Workspace.

The configuration option team_sync allows to replicate channels and users from Slack to Matrix before a user writes a message. To have a consistent experience across both sides of the bridge, it is recommended to have this feature enabled.

Table of supported events

Event Without Team Sync With Team Sync
A channel gets created not replicated the channel admin gets a message on how to bridge the channel
A channel gets deleted not replicated immediately replicated
A user joins a channel added on their first message immediately replicated
A user leaves a channel not replicated immediately replicated
A user’s profile gets updated (e.g. Display name) updated on their next message immediately replicated


Team Sync can be configured with the team_sync object in config/config.yaml.

A bridge can be configured to sync channels and users of a Slack Workspace. When the bridge runs, a hint will be posted to existing and new Slack channels. The hint explains that the channel can be bridged by inviting the Matrix bot.

  # Entry for a single team
      enabled: true
      # Optional blacklist for channel ids. Trumps the whitelist.
      - CVCCPEY9X
      - C0108F9K37X
      # Optional whitelist for channel ids.
      # whitelist: ['CVCCPEY9X']
      # Prefix for room aliases in Matrix
      alias_prefix: "slack_"
    # Should sync *all* team users to Matrix
      enabled: true
  # Defaults for all other teams
      enabled: false

If not all channels shall be replicated, one may define an optional blacklist or whitelist of channel ids. If both a blacklist and a whitelist are defined, the blacklist takes precedence.

The display name of the Matrix room will be identical to the one in Slack. Use the optional key alias_prefix to prevent conflicts with existing Matrix room aliases. Given the example above, a channel #general would get the alias address

For channel admins

Existing and new rooms will receive a message for setting up the bridge. This message is only visible to the channel admin.